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The Project

The project, financed by the Ministry of the Interior as part of the Fami program, provides for the realization of a comparative analysis on the themes of welcoming migrants and the related process of integrating them into the European arrival context. In the management of the comparative analysis activities there is the involvement of associations or bodies that carry out reception activities or specific measures for the integration of migrants in their national context. The project partner countries are Germany, Greece and Turkey. National realities that have developed specific methods and regulations to activate processes of active inclusion of migrants arriving in their national contexts. The project is not limited only to the objective analysis phase of national experiences, but also tends to build a model of social integration of migrants that goes beyond the moment of acceptance, overcoming the logic of the contingent emergency of a critical moment due on the arrival of unplanned or expected migrant flows in the specific area. This model must be shared by the project partners and propose it as a Good Practice to be subsequently implemented in the various European countries as horizontal and vertical mainstreaming actions at the same time. The project envisages a phase of implementation of the model and a training phase for public employees and for social or school operators who intend to promote a new dimension of interculturalism and multiculturalism in their own country. It is a project that involves Filef Basilicata and other Italian partners from Puglia, Molise and Lazio (partners in possession of adequate experience in the field of reception and integration of migrants) as a responsible partner.